Single view of your customer

With a unified data platform across touchpoints, devices, browsers & sessions.

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Marketer managed technology that can deliver a unified, persistent view of the customer and is accessible to other systems.

- David Raab Founder of CDP Institiute

Platform Offerings

Identity Resolution

Stitch key customer data across sources and devices to get a single, comprehensive view of your customer.

Data Cleansing, Transformation and Enrichment

CDP acts as universal and central data hub with all events,user attributes,audiences at one real-time repository.

Data Centralization

Real time Audience segmentation that improves conversion better targeting.

Audience and Segmentation

Segment the user base with any attributes ingested in the platform. These audience segments can then be exported to the different systems that have been integrated with the CDP.

Data Integration and Analytics

CDPs facilitate the data integration of customer data between different systems via connector marketplaces where integration can be configured in just a few clicks.

Regulation and compliance

Built in data governance and compliance tools to provide visibility into the collection and usage of customer data.

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