Platform Offerings

Contact management

Gather and segment crucial customer data to drive personalization,loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Sales Funnel and Lead management

Develop your sales funnel and use lead scoring to identify customers that are most likely to convert.

Reports and Dashboards

View realtime data and statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized reports and dashboards.

Sales Analytics and BI

Analyze insights from data sources like social media,polls,web traffic and analyze for better results.

Cloud and Mobile CRM

Secure and scalable cloud CRM options with ease of use on the mobile devices.

Salesforce Automation

Automate repetitive tasks in the sales process and increase bandwith of your sales staff to focus on core activties.

Sales Forecasting

Utilize sales data to better forecase and plan for the real sucess metrics and results

Email and third party integrations

Integrate all of your digital ecosystem products from email,website,chat support to ERP on to a single CRM platform.

Our Services

Platform selection and set up.Integration with 3rd party solutions.
Performance management and optimization of CRM features to drive business results
Set up of Loyalty programs and reward systems

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